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At DP Reynolds & Associates, our promise to the client company is simple – we will not waste time submitting irrelevant resumes for the critical positions we are entrusted to fill. Once fully informed about our client’s needs, we work diligently to submit at least two of the most qualified candidates to choose from in a timely fashion. We like to think of our relationship with our clients as a professional partnership.
Our belief – if we satisfy our clients today, we will continue to do business with them tomorrow.
Our goal – to exceed our client’s expectations so that we establish a long-term business relationship.


Retained Search Agreement: Typically used by our clients in search of a specific and refined position – ex. COO’s, Property Managers/Developers, CFOs and Senior Level Estimators. We devote 100% of each day performing this detailed search for the individual until we have successfully filled the position for our client. Our fee is typically issued in 3 equal increments throughout the search process.

Contingency Search Agreement: Common with our clients who search to fill positions where the search is more flexible and broad – ex. Mid-Level Estimators, Project Managers, Engineers, Superintendents, etc. Along with this search, our company will incorporate other client searches throughout the day. Our fee is issued upon successfully filling the position.




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