About Our Firm

At DP Reynolds & Associates, our mission is to connect reputable companies with top notch executive level professionals. Years of experience in the recruiting industry has allowed us to establish our strong network of qualified individuals, allowing clients to depend on us to present only the strongest players. This trusted partnership supports our goals to facilitate effective and efficient search processes while helping client companies establish superior teams of highly skilled professionals. We look forward to meeting specialized search challenges as we work with organizations throughout the country.

Likewise, we apply the same core standards to develop relationships with individuals who seek to optimize their potential to achieve the right career opportunity. Our services are tailored to meet specific needs and range from resume editing to 1:1 coaching on networking, interviewing and negotiating. Our expert resume writers and coaches have years of experience in executive recruiting and corporate environments which support our ability to recognize exact qualifications and qualities that attract employers to candidates. Our attention to detail provides clients with a level of preparedness unmatched by any others in the coaching industry. We support the professional with every aspect of the job search process and can even address well-being issues to optimize overall experience and success.

We look forward to the challenges our clients present to help them achieve goals of adding quality personnel to their teams.